Climate change

Who is affected the most?

Reports of domestic Violence in Texas 2017

The number of victims who sought help from a crisis center in Houston doubled after Hurricane Harvey. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, rates of domestic violence tripled.

Homicides in Texas in 2017 & Post Harvey

66% of Post-Harvey murders were women

Sources:The Hill, Women's Media Center, Texas Council on Family Violence

Time spent on unpaid care and domestic work.

Note: Data was collected for each country on different years (2001-2020).

When care taking, sourcing water, cooking or cleaning, women and girls lose valuable time from their education, work, and leisure. More than boys and men.

Note: * Indicates improved water source. Clusters are classified as arid if aridity index values fall in the bottom 25% of all values, and humid if aridity index values fall in the top 25% of all values.

Climate change inequalities can be addressed.